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Tatiana von Tauber


Tatiana von Tauber è un’artista figurativa americana il cui lavoro si concentra sulle espressioni femminili contemporanee di sensualità, erotismo e forma umana. I progetti passati includono curatela, pubblicazione, arte e fotografia incentrati su o intorno al femminismo positivo per il sesso e all’emancipazione sessuale personale.

L’erotismo porno-astratto di Hans Henrik Lerfeldt 

Hans Henrik Lerfeldt was a Danish painter and printmaker, best known for his depictions of intimate erotica and dreamlike Surrealist spaces.

Throughout a graphic and colorful style, Lerfeldt’s works possess a distinct photographic clarity, and are notably inspired by the work of Danish graphic artist Wilhelm Freddie and early film poster illustrations. During his time at the Graphic Arts Academy in Copenhagen, he also studied under Swedish illustrator Palle Louis Nielsen.

Born on August 16, 1946 in Aarhus, Denmark, Lerfeldt was an adopted child and was raised in a strictly religious household. He pointed to the feelings of guilt and shame he experienced as a child as an impetus for his later sexually explicit artwork, and as a way to confront his own religious upbringing. Lerfeldt died on July 27, 1989 in Copehagen, Denmark.


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